• What Landlords Should Know About Their Fencing Options

    For rental properties, aesthetic appeal and function are equally important to attract and retain desirable tenants. Landlords choose to fence in their properties because privacy and ornamental fences around homes in Hillsdale add value and look refined. If you already have tenants living at the property, try to give them advanced notice about the project. If you’re showing the property to prospective tenants, let them know that you’re planning a fencing project to enhance security and privacy for your tenants. home - fencing

    Deciding to Install Fencing

    Landlords who install fences around their rental properties can look forward to increased property values and better curb appeal. Your investment should eventually pay for itself in higher rent payments. Plus, you may be more likely to attract more desirable tenants who will truly care about keeping your property in good condition. To a tenant, fenced-in property offers:

    • Enhanced privacy
    • Better security
    • Improved protection for pets and children

    In some cases, fencing may be a necessity. If your rental property has a pool, you’ll have to install a security fence with a lockable gate to protect neighborhood children. A security fence around the pool will also protect you from legal liability.

    Selecting the Right Material

    As a landlord, you already have a lot on your plate, between routine maintenance and service requests from tenants when something has broken. Although wood is an attractive material, it does require more upkeep than other options. Consider choosing an ornamental aluminum fence instead. Aluminum fences can make any property look more upscale. Although PVC fencing isn’t quite as elegant as aluminum ornamental styles, it’s another durable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective option that is popular among property owners.

    Scheduling the Installation

    After you’ve selected the right option for your property, let your tenants know about the installation, if you haven’t already done so. Tenants are likely to be enthusiastic about the project, especially if they’ve made prior complaints about the neighbors. Ask your tenants to keep their dogs inside or leashed during the installation.

    Adding the Finishing Touches

    An aluminum ornamental or vinyl fence is a stand-alone feature, but you could dress up your property further by adding attractive landscaping. Add some flower planters to the area or invite your tenants to plant their favorite flowers along the fence.

  • The Good Neighbor’s Guide to Fencing Etiquette

    Good fences do make good neighbors, but only with advanced planning and courteous communication. Before scheduling a new fence installation , homeowners in Bergen County should check local ordinances and homeowners’ association (HOA) rules, if applicable. And if you have neighbors whose property will be adjacent to the fence, be sure to let them know about your intentions. home - fencing

    Check your property lines.

    Checking your property lines before getting your new fence installed will save you plenty of headaches and dollars later if it turns out your land doesn’t end where you thought it did. You can hire a land surveyor to eliminate any doubt of your property boundaries. Ask the surveyor to insert stakes along the property line so you can visualize your plans better.

    Invite your neighbor over for coffee.

    It’s courteous to inform your neighbor about the new fence, even if you aren’t required to. Ask him or her over for coffee and a friendly chat. Tell your neighbor that you’d like to put up a fence to secure your pets, keep your kids from wandering, or enhance your family’s enjoyment of the yard. Your neighbor may want to see design plans or pictures of similar fences. Expect your neighbor to ask about the fence’s location.

    Consider a compromise.

    It’s possible that your neighbor might dispute the fence. If so, discussing your fence designs with your neighbor ahead of time may let you avoid conflict. Within reason, consider compromising so that both of your families are pleased with the outcome.

    Collaborate with your neighbor.

    In some cases, homeowners are pleasantly surprised to discover that their neighbors have also been considering getting a fence installed. The families may want to collaborate on the project by agreeing to install just one fence, right on the property line. Select a material and style that both of your families like. Collaboration with the neighbor should allow the families to split the cost of the new fence evenly.

    Choose a fence with identical sides.

    Some fences have one finished side and one rougher-looking side, while others are finished on both sides. Even if you and your neighbor aren’t collaborating on the project, it’s common courtesy to face the good side outward. Otherwise, select a style that is finished on both sides.

  • Tips for Choosing a Fence for a Swimming Pool

    The summer season is nearly here, and it is important to start planning ahead for when you open up your backyard pool for the season. To ensure that your children and pets are safe around your pool, you may want to consider installing fencing around the perimeter of your pool deck. A contractor that specializes in fence installation can help you design a stylish pool fence or privacy fence in Bergen County. If you are wondering about how you can get started on your pool fence design, read these tips for choosing a fence for a swimming pool. pool - fence

    Compare Different Materials

    When you are designing a swimming pool fence, you will want to carefully compare the different materials that are available for your project. While some homeowners choose utilitarian chain link fences to secure their swimming pools, others prefer materials that have more style and flair. A wood pool fence, for example, can be integrated into the overall landscaping design scheme of your pool deck.

    Determine the Correct Height

    One of the main functions of a pool fence is to make sure that children and pets are not able to enter the pool area without supervision. To rest assured that your pool is fully secure, you will need to determine the correct height for your fencing installation. Typically, pool fences measure around 54 inches in height. A fence that is any shorter may allow unsupervised children to climb into the pool area.

    Consider Durability and Maintenance

    Since a pool fence is a fairly significant investment for any family, you will want to build a fence that will last for decades or longer before it needs to be replaced. Metal fences, such as aluminum and chain link fences, are highly regarded for their outstanding durability. You can also rest assured that your pool water will not damage your metal fence if it happens to splash on the fence’s surface. A pool fence contractor can answer any additional questions that you might have about building a fence for your pool.

  • Prepping Your Fence to be Painted

    If you are seeking a new look for your aluminum fence, you will need to prepare the surface of your fencing. This video provides important tips and information about how to prepare your fencing to be painted. Before you start to apply new paint, you will need to scrape the old paint off using a paint scraper. Once you have completely cleaned and primed the surface, you will be ready to paint your Bergen County fence.

    If painting an entire aluminum or vinyl fence seems like a lot of work to do on your own, you can hire a team of fencing contractors . Your fencing experts will be happy to remove your old fence paint and apply a fresh new coat to your fencing’s surface.

  • Which Climber Is Right for Your Fence?

    If you are looking for ways to beautify your Hillsdale fence , then look to nature for beautiful and useful climbing plants. Whether you want a flowering climber or more privacy for your fence, there is a climber for you. Watch the video and continue reading to learn about some popular climbing plants to complement your fence design.

    For a hardy climber that will flower almost year-round, look for bougainvillea plants. These are strong, fast-growing plants that can cover your fence, no matter how tall it is. Wisteria is another vigorous plant that produces gorgeous flowers and a powerful perfume. If you simply want some privacy, then you may try planting a creeping fig. This is a strong plant that cannot be easily removed once it has taken hold. Consult with your fencing contractors to determine the right climber for you.

  • Fixing a Sagging Fence Gate

    Wood fence designs are popular choices for front yards, but keeping your fencing in good shape can be important for maintaining your property’s curb appeal. Does your home feature a wooden fence in Hillsdale ? If so, then the weight of the gate may cause it to sag. If you’re experiencing this issue, then watch this video to learn how to fix a sagging gate on your fencing.

    To help keep a heavy gate at the right angle, you may need to upgrade to a set of larger hinges and screws. Also, choosing powder-coated screws can help prevent the metal from rusting. Install the hinges at an angle that is opposite of the gate to help the screws stay in place. When attaching the gate to the fence, prop the gate up so that the top of the gate is at the same height as the top of the fence.

  • Are Your Wooden Fence Posts in Good Condition?

    Have you noticed that your wooden fence in Bergen County seems a bit wobbly and unstable? If your answer is yes, then you may want to call your fence company right away for repairs. When your fencing sways or seems unstable, then you may have rotten fence posts that need to be replaced.

    As you can see in the video, wooden fence posts can become rotted underground. This is typically due to excess moisture leaching into the fence posts from the surrounding area. If you have actually seen rot on the lower ends of your wooden fence posts, then you may have a more serious problem. In addition to routine maintenance, your fence company should come out to inspect and repair your fencing on a regular basis.

  • Staining a Wooden Fence

    Part of choosing and maintaining your wooden fence in Bergen County also means staining it regularly. By staining your wooden fence, it is protected against moisture, rot, and fading from the sun. This is an important part of fence maintenance, so consult with your fence company on the appropriate stain to use.

    As seen in the video, there are three types of stains: Clear coat, solid body, and semi-transparent. The clear coat stain will have no pigmentation added to it, so you will see the natural color and grain of the wood. The solid body stain is filled completely with color, so you will see none of the wood’s grain or natural color. The semi-transparent is the option between the two extremes. There will be a little bit of added pigmentation, but you will still be able to see some of the wood’s natural grain.

  • The Importance of Fencing Your Pool

    The summer season is here, and now is the perfect time to spend time with your friends and family enjoying your backyard pool. In order to make sure that your pool is safe and secure for your entire family to enjoy, it is a great idea to make sure that your pool area is equipped with secure pool fencing. A company offering fence installation serving Hillsdale can help you choose the right pool fence for the specific needs of your family. To highlight the benefits of contacting a fencing contractor this summer, read on for a look at the importance of fencing your pool. pool - fencing

    Pool Fences Enhance Safety

    One of the most important reasons to fence around your pool is that your new pool fence will dramatically enhance the safety of your pool area. For example, if you are the parent of young children, a pool fence will ensure that your kids are not able to access your pool without an adult around. By taking the time to fence your pool, you can avoid accident or injury in or around your pool space.

    Pool Fences Provide Security

    Along with enhancing the safety of your pool space, a new pool fence can also provide additional security to your property. For example, a backyard swimming pool may be tempting to neighborhood children or pets. By creating a secure fence that surrounds the perimeter of your pool, you can make sure that only your family and guests are able to gain access to your pool area.

    Pool Fences Complement Landscaping

    Finally, a pool fence can also be used to enhance the beauty and appeal of your pool’s landscaping and surrounding deck. When you are creating a new pool fence, you may want to choose materials that can be accented through trees, vines, or other special plants. To get started on your pool fence installation today, be sure to get in touch with a top rated fence contractor near you.

  • The Benefits of Working with Anchor Fence Contractors

    Whether you want to install chain link fencing in your yard or you prefer a different type of fencing, you need a qualified fence contractor on your side to get the job done right. Anchor Fence Contractors can provide you with a contractor who specializes in fencing in Bergen County so that your new fence goes up without a problem.

    In addition to helping home and business owners with fence installation, we can also handle fence repairs and fence replacements that call for old fencing to be removed from your property. We have been helping people install, repair, and replace fences since 1999 and have the experience it takes to handle your fencing needs. Our fencing contractors are highly skilled and more than willing to take the time to answer any questions you might have about fences. When you call on Anchor Fence Contractors for help with a fencing project, we will see to it that you are satisfied with the service you receive from us.

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