• Creating a White Picket Fence

    The white picket fence is one of the most iconic images of the “American Dream.” The Americana charm and feel of white picket fencing looks great around virtually any style of home, but is especially beautiful around country and cottage style homes. In this video you’ll see how the white picket fence is constructed and what factors and considerations go into designing the perfect white picket fence.

    If you want to create that classic white picket fence look around your home, contact a residential fence company in Bergen County . A fence contractor can help you design a practical and beautiful white picket fence that meets your security and privacy needs while also improving your home’s curb appeal. And if you want the look of a white picket fence without the cost or maintenance requirements of wood, ask your fence contractor about white picket vinyl fencing.

  • A Look at Some Popular Fence Design Trends

    Just because you need a fence to serve a practical and functional purpose doesn’t mean you’re only option is the same old traditional fence you see throughout your neighborhood. A fence can dramatically enhance your home’s curb appeal while keeping pets and children safe and keeping unwelcome visitors out. There are a myriad of materials to choose from, and a fencing contractor in Bergen County can help you design a fence that is unique to your home and reflects your personal tastes and preferences. Here are some popular fence design trends to help inspire you before you meet with your fence builder.

    Estate Fencing
    Post-and-rail fencing, also known as estate fencing, is a contemporary take on the classic split-rail fence. Although estate fencing does not offer much in terms of security or privacy, the classic look can add a great amount of charm Fencing Contractor in Bergen County and appeal to your home.

    Lattice Fencing
    For a more decorative looking wood fence, consider the lattice design. Lattice fences may be constructed using cedar, pressure-treated pine, or natural whitewood, and can be customized with decorative posts and post caps for a personalized look and feel.

    Wrought Iron Fencing
    Decorative wrought iron fencing has experienced something of a revival in American as of late, and for good reason. Not only is wrought iron durable and lost-lasting, but it’s also one of the strongest fencing materials and can provide you with supreme confidence in the safety and security of your new fencing. If you want to achieve the look of wrought iron but don’t have the budget, consider aluminum as an affordable alternative.

    Custom Fencing
    Do you want a one-of-a-kind fence that will be the envy of your neighbors? If so, work with a fencing contractor in Bergen County who can help you design a truly custom fence. Combine different materials and fencing styles to give your property fencing a unique, customized look.

  • Your Commercial Fencing Options

    There’s a good argument to be made that commercial fencing is more important than residential fencing since it is sometimes used to keep expensive equipment secure and prevent theft that can result in thousands of dollars in losses. Commercial fencing also needs to look good, since the aesthetic around the building can be a big factor in drawing new clients and customers. If your business needs commercial fencing, a commercial fence contractor in Bergen County can help you explore your options and choose the best fencing solution that keeps your business secure while also improving its curb appeal. Some of the commercial fence materials you can choose from include:

    • Chain link fencing
    • Wood fencing
    • Wrought iron fencing
    • Aluminum fencing
    • PVC fencing

    Your commercial fence contractor can also discuss gates, access control systems, and other features that can help make your fence more secure. If safety and security is not a major concern, your fence builder will help you design a fence that makes your business more attractive.

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