• Achieve Your Goals with Anchor Fence Contractors

    Installing new fencing is a significant project for any homeowner or property owner. To ensure that you achieve the best results from your aluminum fence installation, you will want to work with Anchor Fence Contractors . Our leading company offering fencing in Bergen County will be able to help you meet all of your garden fencing goals. When you hire us to create a new garden or privacy fence, we will work tirelessly to build you the fence of your dreams.

    If you are seeking a fencing company that is dedicated to customer satisfaction, look no further than Anchor Fence Contractors. Whether you have been dreaming of a new privacy fence, or you are in need of a metal fence for your property, we can design and build the correct fence for your particular situation. Our commitment to quality ensures that each and every one of the fences that we build is designed to last a lifetime.

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  • Creating a Pet-Friendly Yard

    Whether you are an experienced dog owner, or are bringing home your very first puppy, you will want to make sure that your yard and garden are prepared to accommodate your pet. A sturdy fence and careful landscaping will provide the perfect environment for your four legged friend. With assistance from a company that offers fencing in Bergen County, you will be able to create a fence installation that meets the requirements of your dog. A vinyl fencing installation will come in a variety of fence designs that are both attractive and secure against digging dogs or runaway puppies. Here is an overview of some factors to consider when you are creating a pet friendly yard. pet - friendly - yard

    Measure Fence Height

    In order to create a pet-friendly yard, you will want to start by measuring the height of your fence. Depending on the breed and size of your dog, your pooch may be able to jump a fence that is up to six feet in height. Installing a tall privacy fence will prevent your dog from escaping over the top.

    Add Underground Protection

    Along with making sure that your fence is tall enough, you will also want to add protection against digging. An ambitious dog will be able to dig several inches underneath the bottom railing of your fence. Subterranean chicken wire or secure underground posts can discourage dogs from digging. A fence contractor may be able to help you create an underground barricade around your fence.

    Repair Any Holes

    Intelligent dogs can slip through cracks and holes in a fence. To keep your dog secure inside your fence, you will need to repair any holes around your fence perimeter. Event a tiny hole can create the perfect escape hatch when it is left to get worse over time. Keeping your fence properly maintained will also preserve its overall appeal. With assistance from a fence company serving your area, you can make sure that your fence is secure enough to protect your dog from escaping.

  • Installing a PVC Fence Around Your Yard

    A PVC fence is a sturdy and attractive choice for your residential fencing needs. Whether you are in need of garden fencing or a new pool fence, you can rest assured that a PVC fence will be the right choice for your property. A company that offers fencing in Bergen County will be able to consult with you as you are choosing a new vinyl or PVC fence for your yard. With advice from an experienced fencing contractor, you will be able to create a beautiful and functional new fence. Let’s examine the main steps of installing a PVC fence around your yard. pvc - fence

    Mark the Fence Line

    The first step of a PVC fence installation is to mark out all sides of the fence line. Depending on regulations in your neighborhood, your fence may need to be set back from the outer perimeter of your property. Once your fence contractor has established the proper dimensions for your fence, he can mark out the locations of the corner posts.

    Dig the Rail Holes

    After the fence line has been marked out, your contractor will be ready to dig the rail holes. Rail holes will accommodate the posts and provide a sturdy base for the fence. In order to dig out the rail holes, your fencing contractor will use special digging equipment. To account for settling after installation, the initial rail hole depth may be slightly more shallow initially. Your contractor will also need to make sure that each post will emerge from the ground evenly after installation.

    Install the Fence Pieces

    Once the rail holes have been created, it will be time to install all of the pieces of the fence. A PVC fence will come in prefabricated pieces for easy assembly. Your fencing contractor will lay out all of the pieces of the fence in preparation for your installation. After your PVC fence pieces have been installed, you will have a beautiful new fence surrounding your yard.

  • Protecting Your Garden from Intruders

    Deer are unwelcome invaders in any garden. This video will provide you with essential tips and information about how to control deer. One of the most effective deer control methods is to build a tall and secure fence around your garden. A contractor that installs Bergen County fences will be able to create a fence design that is completely deer proof.

    As you are planning out your new garden fencing, you will have several materials to choose from. An aluminum fence or PVC fence may the best choice for your garden fencing needs. By taking the time to gather information about the benefits of different fencing materials, you will be able to choose the right materials for your new installation. A fence contractor can answer any questions that you may have about your new fence installation.