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Ornamental aluminum fencing is a great alternative to wrought iron fencing as it requires less maintenance and is resistant to corrosion from soil, water and chemicals while still being a durable, attractive fencing choice. Call now for a free estimate.

For more than 15 years, Anchor Fence Contractors has provided premium residential and commercial aluminum fencing. As a family owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and fence installation. All of our fence installations are completed by our team of professional, experienced installers (we never subcontract out work).

Aluminum fences are great for:

  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Estate Fences
  • Pool Fences and Gates (self-closing with child safety locks)
  • Community Fencing (apartments, condos, housing developments)
  • Security Fencing (industrial grade and non-climbable for private businesses and government applications)
  • Welded Aluminum Fence

Benefits of Aluminum Fencing

Why should you use aluminum fencing in your residential or commercial ornamental fencing project? Aluminum is one of the top choices for ornamental fence construction for many reasons. This versatile material allows you to create a fully-customized fence that offers both security and aesthetics.

  • Aluminum can be manufactured to look like wrought iron fencing, offering the appearance you want without any of the maintenance requirements or other limitations of a wrought iron fence.
  • Aluminum is lightweight yet durable and easy to maintain. An aluminum fence will not rot, rust, or fade with time, unlike wrought iron and wood fencing.
  • Aluminum fencing cannot be easily cut or destroyed, meaning it will keep your property more secure.
  • Aluminum is 100% recyclable, meaning an aluminum fence has very little impact on the environment, both prior to fence installation and after fence removal.
  • Aluminum is more cost-effective than other fencing materials. By choosing aluminum fencing, you can get the upscale look you want for your ornamental fence at a fraction of the cost of other options.

Aluminum is a lightweight and versatile material ideal for security fences and ornamental fences in Hillsdale. This long-lasting fencing choice will minimize the amount of maintenance needed to keep your fence looking its best. At Anchor Fence Contractors Inc., our fencing contractors proudly offer quality aluminum, chain link, and plastic fencing to meet your unique needs.

Ornamental fencing is both a beautiful and functional addition to any property. This type of fencing typically serves to enhance the appearance and curb appeal of a home or business, but can also contain children and animals or keep trespassers out. Ornamental fencing can also preserve your view if you don't want to completely block visual access into or out of your property. Aluminum fencing is a popular material from which to craft ornamental fencing; other popular fence materials include wood and wrought iron fencing. Anchor Fence Contractors Inc specializes in both residential and commercial fencing in Bergen County—contact us today to discuss your fence options and fence installation for your property.

Ornamental Fencing Components

Ornamental Fence

Your ornamental fence is only as limited as your imagination. With the help of your Hillsdale fence contractor, you can create the perfect ornamental fencing solution for your property. Single or double gates allow easy access control onto and off of your property. Gates may be flat, arched, or peaked at the top to suit your stylistic preferences; you can also opt to have self-closing and locking gates for added safety. Ornamental fence pickets can be as simple or as ornate as you like. Pickets may be a single height, variable height, straight, curved, or pointed at the top to prevent access to your property for added security as well as a classical look.

Are you ready to install the perfect ornamental or aluminum fence for your needs? Contact Anchor Fence Contractors Inc today by calling (201) 722-0789 to discuss your fencing needs and preferences in Bergen County.

Designing Your Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fencing is appropriate for a wide variety of applications, whether you are considering an aluminum fence for your residential or commercial property. Before you schedule an installation date, it’s important to develop a fencing design that suits your needs to ensure your fence delivers the look and performance you want.

  • Aluminum is typically used for ornamental fencing, but is durable and strong enough to provide security as well. The height and spacing of your fence will play an important role in the purpose it serves—higher fencing with closely-spaced bars is better for protection and security, while lower fences with more widely-spaced pickets serve a more aesthetic purpose.
  • Aluminum fencing is available in a nearly endless array of styles and colors. Talk to your fence company about all your available options, then draw up a design that includes the features you like most to create a fence that either stands out to make a statement or blends in as a visual complement to the rest of your property.
  • The shape and grade of your property sometimes affects the best fencing design for your needs, especially if you are working on a stricter budget. Your fence contractors can perform an evaluation and alert you to any special features you may need to consider when designing your fence or its components.

Three Aluminum Fence Facts

Aluminum is a great choice in fencing material, whether you want to build a secure pool fence or a decorative garden fence. Anchor Fence Contractors Inc. can help you create the fencing design of your dreams, then provide seamless professional fence installation for amazing and long-lasting results; please call (201) 722-0789 to learn more.

  1. Aluminum is one the most corrosion-resistant metals available. This material can resist damage from moisture as well as chemicals and extreme temperature differentials.
  2. Aluminum fences can be welded together, rather than screwed or bolted during construction and installation. Welding creates a stronger bond that enhances the durability of the fence.
  3. Because aluminum is so malleable, it can be used to create customized fencing in cases where other materials might fail or create high costs to achieve the same result. If your yard has special needs or you have a very specific design in mind, aluminum fencing may be your best choice.

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