Tips for Keeping Deer Out of Your Garden with an Aluminum Fence

There are many reasons for a new fence installation in Hillsdale, such as keeping deer from eating away at your beautiful garden. If you wish to keep your yard looking beautiful to you and your neighborhood, though, consider installing an aluminum fence to deter deer from your yard. Here are a few tips that can help keep the deer out of your yard and keep it looking beautiful:

  • Technically, most fencing materials will protect your yard from deer, but aluminum will keep the yard visually open for you and the neighbors to see regularly. Just be sure your aluminum fence is tall to deter certain deer species that can jump great heights.
  • Plant pungent herbs and flowers near the fence border to deter the deer. These plants include garlic, lavender, and mint that will mask the odors of appealing plants nearby.
  • Keep your yard cleaned and trimmed; this will deter deer from munching on your grass. This will also keep your yard beautified through your new metal fence.

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