Comparing Vinyl and Wood Fencing

If you are shopping for a new fence for your home, you will have many styles to choose from. Today’s fences can be constructed from a variety of materials, ranging from vinyl to aluminum and wood. Wood and vinyl fencing are among the most popular fencing materials. Whereas wood fencing will provide your home with classic charm, vinyl is incredibly durable and easy to maintain. A company offering fence installation serving Bergen County can help you choose the perfect new fence for your home. Here is a quick comparison between vinyl and wood fencing.

One of the major differences between vinyl and wood fencing is the durability of each type of fencing material. Vinyl fencing is extremely durable, and requires very little maintenance to remain in perfect condition. By contrast, a wood fence will require special care and maintenance so that it

Vinyl and Wood Fencing in Bergen County

can stand up to extreme weather conditions. If you are seeking a fence that offers worry-free maintenance, a vinyl fence may be the right choice for your property.

Cost is another primary difference between vinyl and wood fencing. Depending on the fencing materials that you select, your vinyl fence may be more costly than an average wood fence. Since vinyl fences are incredibly long lasting, their additional cost can be seen as a long-term investment in a quality fencing solution. To determine what type of fencing material fits in your budget, you can work with a highly rated fence contractor in your area.

Vinyl and wood fences also differ in their look and design. Wood fencing is extremely easy to cut and customize, so you will be able to create the fence of your dreams when you plan a wood fence installation. By contrast, vinyl fencing is more difficult to cut to specific sizes or shapes. Your fencing installation contractor can help you choose the best fencing solution for your home.