How to Maintain Your Wooden Fence

Once your wooden fence in Hillsdale has been installed, you must keep it preserved and maintained to protect your investment. Wooden fences are a popular and beautiful addition to any home, as long as they are maintained and protected against water damage, bugs, and potential rot. Continue reading for some simple ways to keep your wooden fence looking beautiful for many years to come. wood - fence

Use Wood Preservatives or Stains

To maintain your wooden fence best, you should periodically apply a water-repellant preservative or stain to the wooden panels. A preservative will help the wood to resist bug and water damage that can result in warping, splitting, and rot. Stains are also used as wood fencing sealants. If you want the option to customize the look of your wooden fence to match your landscaping, then you can apply a colored stain. These stains come in transparent, semi-transparent, and solid color options.

Keep Sprinklers Away

Even with a stain or preservative, wooden fences can degrade over time due to weather exposure and old age. To keep your fencing from degrading even more, keep your lawn sprinklers and watering efforts away from your fences. Frequent water or moisture can severely impact your fence designs, causing them to rot, split, and warp. Your wooden fencing may also develop mold, which can become harmful if allowed to spread into your home. Angle lawn sprinklers away from your fencing to keep off as much excess moisture as possible.

Plant Flowers Elsewhere

In addition to angling lawn sprinklers away from your wooden fence, it is best to keep plants and other landscaping away from the fence, as well. Vines, trees, and large shrubs can be the most damaging to wooden fences. If vines are allowed to crawl up a wooden fence, they can cause excess moisture or dry out a wooden fence, both to the point of irreparable damage. Shrubs and trees can also damage a wooden fence with large roots, bugs, and moisture.