Cleaning and Maintaining Your Aluminum Fence

After the fencing contractors have gone, you are left with a beautiful new aluminum fence in Bergen County. You have made a wise choice in new fencing. In order to keep it beautiful, though, you should look for the easiest ways to keep it looking brand new. Thankfully, aluminum fences are very simple to clean and maintain. Aluminum - Fence

Simple Cleaning

Aluminum fencing is a simple material when it comes to cleaning. The aluminum will not rust, so using water and cleaning products should keep it in good condition for many years to come. If your fence gets any sort of stains on it, you can use warm water and gentle dish soap to clean it off. Along with this simple solution, use a bristle brush to remove difficult stains. Once you are content with the stain removal, spray the fence with a garden hose. Do not use a power washer because this can damage metal fencing. Rinse from top to bottom so your fence will not have dirt streaks.

Regular Inspections

You should make it a habit to inspect your fencing on a regular basis. Looking for broken rails, loose posts, uneven fencing and gates, and broken hardware can save you from expensive repairs in the future. As you find potential damages, repair them soon or call your fencing contractors. The quicker these repairs can be made, the less damage the rest of the fence will incur.

Avoid Damages

No matter what type of fencing material you have, you should always do what you can to avoid damages, especially when they are preventable. Do not leave the gate open because it can swing and cause damage to the gate, gate hinges, or surrounding fence. If you have gardening or weeds near the fence, cut them with a handheld trimmer or pull them by hand. Anything bigger can potentially cut and scrape at the aluminum fencing. Keep rocks and other landscaping away from the fence to avoid potential damages.