What are the Steps of Building a Wood Fence?

In terms of aesthetics, no other type of fence comes close to the beauty and charm of a wooden fence. Adding a wood privacy fence around the perimeter of your home will add a tremendous amount of character to your property, and can also do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. But while building fences is a popular DIY landscaping project, erecting a wood fence should really be left to a professional fence installation contractor in Bergen County . As you will learn in this blog post, the wood fence installation process requires a lot of steps and a lot of skill to pull off successfully.

  1. Set the Corners – The corner posts dictate the entire fence line, so setting the corner posts correctly is extremely important.
  2. Install Corner Posts – In addition to setting the fence line, the corner posts also play an important role in the structural integrity of the wood fence. Contractors will install these posts with care. Fence Installation contractor in Bergen County
  3. Measure Post Locations – After the corner posts are set, the contractor will connect them with string to establish straight line spans and then measure to determine the location of all other posts along the fence.
  4. Install Posts – The contractor will then dig post holes and fill them with concrete before installing the posts to increase the durability of the fence and also to protect the wood from direct soil contact.
  5. Attach Rails and Boards – Once all the posts are set, the top and bottom rails are carefully leveled and attached by nails or screws to the posts and the face boards are set.
  6. Seal, Stain, or Paint – The final step in the wood fence installation process (and certainly one of the most important) is to finish the posts and boards with paint, sealer, or stain. Your choice will largely depend on the type of wood fencing you use and your desired look.