Factors to Consider When Creating a Dog Proof Fence

One of the biggest challenges in dog ownership can sometimes be maintaining your dog’s safety while he is in your yard. To ensure not only your dog’s safety, but also the safety of other people and animals in your neighborhood, you should consider a few factors in building dog-proof fencing in Bergen County.

Your Dog’s Temperament
Some dogs just can’t be restrained by a simple fence or low wall, as they are able to dig under or jump over the enclosure. Pay attention to how high your dog is able to jump, as you will want a fence at least three to four inches higher than this. If your dog tends to dig under or chew threw objects with ease, you will want to build your fence deeper into the ground and out of a durable vinyl or wood fencing that your dog is unable to chew through. Vinyl Fencing in Bergen County

Your Home’s Aesthetic
A fence can permanently affect the aesthetic of your home. Try to keep the design of your fence in line with the existing exterior décor of your house. Determine whether you want a fence that you or others are able to see through, like a picket fence with wide slats, or a chain link fence. You may want more privacy, in which case you may opt for a higher fence with no gaps in the slats.

Existing Landscaping
You may have tree roots to consider when picking out a fence, or an irrigation system in place that can’t be moved. Taller fences may block sunlight from reaching your grass or flowers. Take a look around your yard and try to visualize the boundaries of your fence such that it won’t interfere with any existing trees and plants in your yard. Your Hillsdale fencing contractor can help you build a functional dog-proof fence that also complements your landscaping design.