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Finding the Right Fence Contractor

It’s nice to find a fence company that will offer you their services at reasonable rates, but you shouldn’t go for a contractor based on price alone. Plenty of other factors will influence ...
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Spotlight on Our Vinyl Fencing Styles

You’ll find premium vinyl fencing for your home in Bergen County at Anchor Fence Contractors, Inc. Homeowners often choose this material because it’s aesthetically attractive, easy to ...
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The Good Neighbor's Guide to Fencing Etiquette

Good fences do make good neighbors, but only with advanced planning and courteous communication. Before scheduling a new fence installation, homeowners in Bergen County should check local ordinances ...
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Enhancing the Curb Appeal of Your Fence

Properly maintained fencing can dramatically improve the look of your home’s exterior. If you let your vinyl fencing fall into disrepair, however, it may start to detract from the curb appeal of ...
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Prepping Your Fence to be Painted

If you are seeking a new look for your aluminum fence, you will need to prepare the surface of your fencing. This video provides important tips and information about how to prepare your fencing to be ...
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How to Choose Your Aluminum Pool Fence

An aluminum fence in Bergen County can be as functional as it is aesthetic, making it a worthwhile investment for homeowners. However, how do you find out what kind of pool fence is right for your ...
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Which Climber Is Right for Your Fence?

If you are looking for ways to beautify your Hillsdale fence, then look to nature for beautiful and useful climbing plants. Whether you want a flowering climber or more privacy for your fence, there ...
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What You Should Know About Aluminum Fence Maintenance

If you have considered installing an aluminum fence in your Hillsdale yard, then you have picked one of the most sturdy and low-maintenance fencing materials on the market. Aluminum fencing is one of ...
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Answering Your Questions About Vinyl Fencing

When it comes to putting a fence around your property, you have many materials to choose from, such as aluminum, wood, and vinyl. All have their attributes, but none can compare to a vinyl fence in ...
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How Long Will My Aluminum Fence Last?

Many people choose aluminum fencing for their home or commercial property because this material can mimic the look of a wrought iron metal fence, but it offers better resistance to corrosion while ...
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Answering Common Questions About Residential Fence Installation

Before your residential fence installation in Bergen County, you may have a few questions. Fencing material, longevity, and maintenance are just a few concerns that typically pop up when planning out ...
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Tips for Keeping Deer Out of Your Garden with an Aluminum Fence

There are many reasons for a new fence installation in Hillsdale, such as keeping deer from eating away at your beautiful garden. If you wish to keep your yard looking beautiful to you and your ...
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Using Aluminum Fencing Around Your Pool

Bergen County pool fences need to be durable, secure, and able to withstand outside forces with little to no maintenance. There are many types of fencing used to keep a pool secure against unattended ...
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Choosing the Right Kind of Fence

Choosing the right fencing material in Hillsdale can seem like a difficult process, at times, because of the multitude of materials available. Fencing materials include aluminum, wood, vinyl, and ...
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Maintaining Your Vinyl Fence

When you are shopping for a stylish, durable, and affordable fencing solution for your home, you may want to consider installing vinyl fencing. A new vinyl fence will keep your property totally safe ...
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Planning Your Fence

Fences are an important addition to any backyard. If you are gearing up to install new fencing in Bergen County, you will want to consider several important factors. For example, when you are planning ...
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The Step-by-Step Process of Vinyl Fence Installation

Vinyl fences in Bergen County have become a very popular fencing option. Vinyl fencing offers added privacy, if desired, as well as a durable fencing material that requires little upkeep. When you ...
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Cleaning and Maintaining Your Aluminum Fence

After the fencing contractors have gone, you are left with a beautiful new aluminum fence in Bergen County. You have made a wise choice in new fencing. In order to keep it beautiful, though, you ...
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How to Make Your Pool Area Safer

A swimming pool will provide you with ample opportunities to beat the summer heat while also enjoying the outdoors with your family and friends. Whether you are constructing a new pool on your ...
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Tips for Fencing Your Yard

New fencing can be a terrific investment for your home. When you design a new fencing installation that matches the architectural style of your house, you will be able to dramatically boost the curb ...
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Installing a PVC Fence Around Your Yard

A PVC fence is a sturdy and attractive choice for your residential fencing needs. Whether you are in need of garden fencing or a new pool fence, you can rest assured that a PVC fence will be the right ...
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What Are the Benefits of Aluminum Fences?

If you are interested in putting up a fence around your home or yard, you should seriously consider an aluminum fence. While you will have many other fencing options available to you, aluminum has ...
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Reasons to Choose Aluminum Fencing

If you dream of an ornamental metal fence but don’t have the budget for wrought iron, you’ll be happy to learn that there is an affordable alternative in aluminum fencing. However, ...
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Touring Your Fence Material Options

Whether you want to install vinyl fencing that is easy to maintain or wrought iron fencing that looks elegant and is great for security, you will have plenty of options when it comes to picking out ...
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Why Choose Ornamental Aluminum Fencing?

Ornamental wrought iron fencing is a great option for those people who own older, more traditional homes, but wrought iron fences can be difficult to maintain and very costly. Anchor Fence Contractors ...
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